Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Election Day at Earthworks!

This announcement is from my friends Steve & Donna St. Louis at Earthworks Gem Design Studio on First Avenue South:

"Hello to One and All,

Everyone's invited to attend an all day event on November 4th, Election Day 2008 at Earthworks. We will be running the returns all day, and probably well into the night. We will have some stuff to nibble on and some light libations (after 5:00 P.M.) as well. Perhaps some plain ol' WHITE water, RED wine, or BLUE martini's...who knows?

Also, quite noteworthy, this is NOT A PARTISAN EVENT. While everyone is encouraged to cheer on their favorite, respect for another's political preference(s) is of paramount importance...this is an event to celebrate the unique opportunity we have as a culture to freely elect the leadership of this great nation every four years. If things get rancorous or out of hand, we will respectfully ask for a tamping down of partisan passions, and if this doesn't work, we will kindly wish everyone a good evening and go home. RESPECT for another's views is the key.

Finally, to anyone who attends the event, we will offer a 10% discount on any purchases of regular on-hand store inventory. Now, we realize that 10% doesn't seem like much nowadays, but the many of you who know us understand that we NEVER offer discounts ("...offer uniqueness and quality, price it right to begin with, and dispense with the mark-ups found in "Sales"), so for us this is a big deal.

We look forward to welcoming all of you to our celebration.

Steve and Donna Saint-Louis
Earthworks Gem Design Studio"

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